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Franco Pace has been a professional photographer for over 30 years; his home base is in Trieste, Italy. After an initial period as painter, he found in photography a more appropriate way of portraying the world where he has always been immersed: sailing and the sea. Travelling around the world across different seas he had the opportunity to meet interesting people and to photograph spectacular landscapes. During his adventurous life he has been witness of exceptional situations such as
the terrible storm at the Fastnet in 1979;in 1980 he was sailing on board of Dione, a 76' ketch, through the Patagonian fjords and down to the South Pole.In December 2004, while sailing in Thailand, he survived while swimming the Tsunami wave!Every year he is uploading in his archive thousands of new pictures about different kinds of sailing boats. Following all the major events, his camera captures the action during the races of the Olympic Classes, as during the international
championships of the modern racingyachts or of the state-of-the-art America's Cup hulls. With equal affection, he also seeks out the charm of the classic yachts, the large Tall Ships and the traditional working boats.His pictures have been often exhibited in various countries; one of which, in 1985 he presented a multi-image show about the magic of sailing at the Georges Pompidou Centre, Paris. In 2009 he presented a personal exibition at the Salone degli Incanti in Trieste.
Franco Pace is a regular contributor to all the major nautical magazines and publications.Over the years he has also produced several photographic books illustrating all the aspects of the sailing world and the work of the most famous yacht designers. The major advertising agencies and shipyards utilize regularely his pictures.Every year his most evocative images are reproduced as fine art posters and exibited at the major boatshows in Europe.